The RIU Caribe (official website) is a 5-star Hotel/Resort in what is known as the hotel zone, a strip of land shaped like a "7" (see map).

When we stayed there in 2003, the RIU Caribe was actually called the "Gran Caribe Real". Since then, several Cancun hotels changed ownership and names. The hotel that is now called the Gran Caribe Real used to be the "Continental Plaza Cancun".

I like the exterior architecture of the RIU Caribe. Some of the other 5-star hotels in Cancun, like the Hyatt or the Ritz-Carlton, look just like any other normal hotel. What's the fun in that? I highly recommend the RIU Caribe. It is a beautiful resort in a great location.
RIU Aerial View RIU Pool 01 RIU Pool 02
These (3) pictures are not mine. I borrowed them from the RIU website to get the aerial views to show this amazing hotel and pool. It would be difficult to get a bad room in this hotel. We upgraded to a Jr. Suite which gave us an even larger corner room.

The rest of the pictures below are mine
Tiffany Michael & Genelle
Tiffany & Genelle
Photos taken in the lobby of the RIU Caribe. Genelle & Tiffany look fabulous!
(See note at bottom of page about our wrist bands)
RIU Hallway 01 RIU Hallway 02 RIU Lobby 01 RIU lobby 02
This is such a beautiful hotel with enormous hallways and a tropical lobby.
RIU Patio RIU Exterior
RIU Pool 01 RIU Pool 02 RIU Pool 03
We were gone all day, every day, sightseeing and doing fun things. It was hard to be at the hotel during daylight hours. I just barely got these pictures taken before the sun went down.
NOTE ABOUT WRIST BANDS: So that you won't think we all just checked out of the Betty Ford Clinic, the wrist bands signify "all inclusive" service. It's quite common at Cancun resorts and day tour sites. For a set fee, you get to eat and drink all you want as well as take advantage of other additional resort ammenites. It is definitely worth it as food and drinks (even water) in Cancun are VERY expensive if you buy them seperately.
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