For six months in 2002, I worked at Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation in Martinsburg, WV. One of the Quality Engineers, Alan, is an avid Civil War reenactor. When he offered to take a group of us to Gettysburg to see it through his eyes, I jumped at the chance. Alan does reenactments for both the Union and Confederate sides and has the uniforms and accouterments for each. He wore his Confederate uniform on this trip. Alan is a terrific teacher and helped bring the 3-day battle of Gettysburg to life for me in a way I never thought possible. Thanks, Alan, for a great trip!
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Before beginning a tour of the Gettysburg National Park, Alan spent over an hour teaching us about life as a Civil War soldier. His uniform, accouterments and weaponry are all accurate replicas. He was originally going to let us load and fire the musket (with blanks), but since 9/11 it's kind of hard to get permission to do that sort of thing. Instead, Alan barked out various "arms" commands as he showed us gun handling routines. It drew a small croud of fascinated tourists and was as entertaining as it was educational.
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The town of Gettysburg as seen from an observation tower at Oak Ridge. Little Round Top. This high ground was a Union strong hold. The picture was taken from the Valley of Death with Devil's Den behind me. Confederate snipers hid in the rocks of Devil's Den and slowly picked off Union officers and infantrymen over on Little Round Top. The barn on Trostle's farm, near McPherson Ridge and the railroad cut, made the mistake of getting in the way of a cannon shot!
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No delicate vascular surgery instruments here! If a musket ball hit a limb, the damage was so severe that about the only option was to cut off that limb and cauterize the bleeding. The victim then had a 1 in 3 chance of living through it.

There are approximately 1,200 monuments in Gettysburg National Park. Pretty hard to do them justice in just a few pictures, but these three are my favorites of the ones that actually turned out (the changing light conditions really messed with my camera settings).
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