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Bridges of the East River, 9667 byte(s).
Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, 5947 byte(s).
Famous Old Skyscrapers, 8053 byte(s).
Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
The Ellis Island immigrant pro-cessing center is now a beautiful old museum dedicated to all who came to the free world.
Famous Old Skyscrapers
Specifically, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the Woolworth Building.
Bridges of the East River
The beautiful old Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges cross from the island of Manhattan over to Brooklyn.
Night Scenes, 12584 byte(s).
Ground Zero, 11392 byte(s).
WTC is Missing, 8734 byte(s).
The WTC is Missing
I borrowed a few "before" pictures and "damage maps" from the internet to use for comparison with the pictures I took.
Night Scenes
I took most of these pictures from the top of the Empire State Building. New York is gorgeous at night, but the smoldering crater in the distance is sobering.
Ground Zero
We weren't allowed to get very close, but the camera still captured the sad truth. I took a few shots from both the land side and the water side.
Miscellaneous, 10916 byte(s).
Shorelines & Skylines, 8569 byte(s).
Miscellaneous & Personal
These are odds & ends of pictures that didn't fit any other category, such as the view out our hotel window or our carriage ride.
Shorelines and Skylines
Additional buildings not covered in other categories. Shown here is the UN Building next to one of Donald Trump's aparment towers.
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