Michael & Genelle in
New York, October 2001
Waving Flag, 12532 byte(s).
Waving Flag, 12532 byte(s).
Genelle saw an advertisement to travel to New York and help them recover by spending tourist dollars. She approached me with the idea...
We had already been talking about a short trip and we had been deeply affected by the events of September 11. So, the decision was made. On very short notice, we arranged our air travel and hotel reservations, then set off for a very quick three-day trip.
Our trip was a VERY positive experience. Yes, we did visit ground zero to pay our respects and it was a very sad thing. Most visitors were moved to tears. But our trip was more than just that. Since New York had requested for us to help them recover, we crammed as much touring as we could into just three short days. We were rewarded not only with breathtaking architecture and scenery, but also with the gratitude of the local New York people. They regularly went out of their way to assist us and they never failed to tell us that they were thankful we had come. It was very touching and uplifting.
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