Feb 19 to Mar 9, 2007
A quote I've seen more than once is: "There's no bad time to visit New Zealand"

However, Genelle & I chose our travel dates because we wanted to do "summer activities" and our friends who live in Auckland said that by the end of February the kids are back in school and fewer tourists are in New Zealand. It was perfect! Great weather and no crowds.

Something else our friends in NZ said was, "If you are going to visit New Zealand, don't consider anything less than three weeks." They were right. We were there just under three weeks and didn't even come close to visiting every region. Luckily, they organized our itinerary based on their intimate knowledge of NZ and we were able to visit most of the top locations and experience many different activities. If you ever travel to New Zealand on vacation, we recommend that you take a full month.
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The following pictures are probably only of interest to our family & friends.
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Garry's Map (http://www.backpack-newzealand.com)
Map used with permission of Garry, owner of http://www.backpack-newzealand.com
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