Mount Rushmore
As I drove the I-90 freeway from Seattle to West Virginia heading to a new job, I had to pass right by Rapid City, South Dakota. Although I was on a deadline, there's no way I was going to miss the chance to see Mt. Rushmore. I arrived early on a February morning as the sun was just coming up. It was shining directly on the mountain making for perfect picture conditions. Since it was the off-season, I was the ONLY person there! Seeing Mt. Rushmore for the first time is SO different from just seeing it in pictures. Being there in person is breathtaking. It amazes me the things man can do.
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St. Louis Arch
When I drove from West Virginia to San Diego, I drove a route that took me through St. Louis. As usual, I was on a tight driving schedule and and had not given any advance thought to sight-seeing. But as I approached St. Loius, Genelle told me by cell phone that I really should stop and see The Arch. It was 9:00 pm as I finally found a place to park the RV. I ran over to the arch in fading daylight and snapped off a few pictures just before running completely out of light. Then, to my surprise, The Arch was still open for rides to the top. From the ground, the windows up there look so tiny, yet they are actually quite large. Unfortunately, the windows are very thick and tend to be dirty, so the night shots I took through them aren't very clear. However, that did not detract from my complete enjoyment of the experience.
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