For my first visit to Washington, D.C. on 3/24/02, I went with a small group of friends from work. During this "overview visit", we learned the layout of the city and how to use the subway system. There is so much to see that I definitely plan to go back several more times. Although I only got a few pictures this time, I will post more each time I go back.
Bell X-1, 7231 byte(s). Bell X-1, 6594 byte(s). Tomahawk, 7295 byte(s). Lunar Lander, 9662 byte(s).
Lunar Lander, 8946 byte(s).
This is "Glamorous Glennis", the Bell X-1 rocket-plane that Chuck Yeager flew when he became the first man to break the sound barrier. If you love aerospace history, I STRONGLY recommend reading Chuck Yeager's auto biography.
I used to work on these amazing missiles at General Dynamics in the mid 1980's.
I was 10-years old when man first landed on the moon. I was riveted to the TV during the live footage and I still vividly remember how excited I was by the technology and how proud I felt for our country.
Grant Memorial, 9948 byte(s).
Capitol Building, 5087 byte(s). Washington Monument, 4326 byte(s). White House, 6089 byte(s).
White House, 5895 byte(s).
Part of the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial in front of the Capitol Building.
The beautiful United States Capitol Building.
The Washington Monument during the annual Kite Festival on the
The White House 01.
The White House 02.
I went back to DC on 4/14/02, this time with Genelle! Again, I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted. There's just SO much to see! But we were both excited that on this trip we actually got onto the White House grounds. That made the trip very special to us.
Viet Nam Memorial, 11083 byte(s).
Lincoln Memorial, 7583 byte(s). Lincoln Memorial, 4524 byte(s). Viet Nam Memorial, 8955 byte(s).
The Lincoln Memorial Building
The Lincoln Memorial Statue
The Viet Nam Memorial was very poignent. There are SO many names on the wall. The names are not listed alphabetically. Instead, they are listed by date of death. That way, men who served together are listed together.
White House, 9323 byte(s). White House, 8791 byte(s). White House, 7161 byte(s). Washington Monument, 3750 byte(s).
The White House visitor center was giving out free tickets for a self-guided tour of the property. There was a limited number given out. We were at the right place at the right time to get two of the tickets. It's a very impressive place!
Another picture of the Washington Monument.
White House Grounds, 10783 byte(s). White House Grounds, 10985 byte(s). The West Wing, 8673 byte(s). The West Wing, 8077 byte(s).
As to be expected, the grounds of the White House are beautiful and perfectly maintained. I especially like these trees and flowers. This is the West Wing. Since Genelle and I really enjoy the TV show, this was fun to see. I learned on this visit that the Oval Office is located right here at the end of the West Wing. I always thought it was in the rounded front part of the main residence.
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